About Us

Mission of the I'm Still Here Foundation:

To promote positive I’m Still Here engagement programs that enable persons living with dementia to flourish. 

Vision of the I'm Still Here Foundation:

To provide leadership in the development, refinement, promotion, and funding of life enhancing evidence-based non-pharmacological, tools, environments, and approaches that bring the You-Can Make-a-Difference (YCMAD) message of HOPE to those living with memory loss, their care partners, and society at large.

Values of the I'm Still Here Foundation:

  • Dignity
  • Personhood
  • Meaning
  • Hope
  • Wellbeing
  • Social justice

Purpose of the I'm Still Here Foundation:

The I’m Still Here® Foundation, based on its decades-long successes in creating innovative programs for persons living with dementia, fosters and encourages community engagement programs based on I’m Still Here (ISH) principles for persons living with dementia. To achieve this, the Foundation has created an Innovation Fund. Our donors believe in the ISH approach because of its proven positive outcomes on dementia behaviors and on family and community support. The Foundation works to disseminate the existing program offerings not just in senior residences but also in the community. The Innovation Fund aloocates funds to proposals that embrace the ISH approach – developed and tested over many years – and offer new approaches to an innovative, healthy, and positive philosophy of dementia care.