“All the arts experienced described in this book are successful when they build on the fundamental principle that as access to memory wanes in Alzheimer’s, creativity remains vibrant and alive.”

 – I’m Still Here, p. 132

“All the arts experienced described in this book are successful when they build on the fundamental principle that as access to memory wanes in Alzheimer’s, creativity remains vibrant and alive.”

– I’m Still Here, p. 132

I’m Still Here News

April 2022

In collaboration with Ellen Potts, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity Tuscaloosa, and Neurologist Danny Potts, I’m Still Here’s John Zeisel together with architect Marc Maxwell, who contributed his time to I’m Still Here, presented the I’m Still Here Aging in Place House which they developed collaboratively to an enthusiastic audience on April 12 th  at the annual Habitat for Humanity conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The emphasis of the presentation was on: (a) Small inexpensive design changes to a basic H4H House to enable couples – in this case a veteran living with dementia and his wife displaced from their home by a tornado – to age in place in their new home even with dementia, (b) to provide a “dementia lens” on the entire H4H Aging in Place initiative of Habitat for Humanity International, and (c) to offer I’m Still Here principles of dignity and respect to those providing housing for elders living with dementia at Habitat for Humanity sites nationally and internationally.

January 2022

Brush Fire: COVID-19 and Our Nursing Homes

I’m Still Here Board member Deke Cateau has published a new book on the challenges nursing homes have experienced during COVID-19. Brush Fire: COVID-19 and Our Nursing Homes chronicles the experience of one of Atlanta’s oldest and most respected senior living facilities. Most importantly, Brush Fire shows how the industry can emerge out of the pandemic and be stronger than ever.

Virtual conference on Alzheimer’s

ISH encourages readers to join the Alzheimer’s Association New England Virtual Family Conference on March 4-5. Sessions include a panel of individuals living with Alzheimer’s. Registration is open at www.alzfamilyconference.org

In Memoriam

The I’m Still Here Foundation mourns the September passing of Vivian Rahn. As the first Director of Communications and Development, Vivian made important contributions to the Foundation at a critical juncture in our growth. She laid the groundwork for expanding the Foundation’s reach and helped guide fundraising efforts. Most importantly, her commitment to helping those whose lives are affected by dementia was unwavering. Vivian was devoted to her family and the community of Savannah, Georgia. All of us at the Foundation extend our sympathies to her family.

September 2021

The I’m Still Here Foundation is committed to supporting organizations and individuals in developing innovative programs for persons living with memory loss, their care partners, and local communities. With generous support from the Cummings Foundation, the I’m Still Here Foundation awarded grants in 2021 to four organizations to initiate programs in their communities. We are pleased to highlight these innovative projects in this report. Please click below to view the 2021 annual report.

July 2021

The ISH Foundation wishes to thank Faith Ott, CEO and Founder of SageAge Strategies, for her contributions and leadership of the Board of Directors. Faith continues to support the Foundation through in-kind services provided by SageAge which specializes in strategic marketing and business growth in senior living and senior care industries.

ISHF also wishes to thank Vivian Rahn who recently retired as Director of Communications and Development. Viv worked to strengthen all forms of communications and helped guide fundraising efforts. She continues to share a commitment to the I’m Still Here Principles and will volunteer with the Foundation in the future.

Dr. John Zeisel was a featured speaker on June 22 Virginia PBS documentary, Alzeheimer’s: What you can do. The film delves into the research that shows how our social interactions, diet, sleep exercise, stress levels and daily health habits have dramatic effects on our cognitive abilities as we age. With scientific data and personal stories about holistic treatment approaches, this film explores the discoveries that are changing the medical profession’s view of dementia. The film is available on Virginia PBS documentaries and on youtube.com.