ARTZ Programs

ISH Foundation Community Programs

The origins of the Foundation’s I’m Still Here programs is found originally in ARTZ  and It Takes A Village (ITAV) – a series of community-based opportunities to engage people living with dementia (those with the condition, their caregivers and family members) in the community and community activities. 

Started in the 2000’s, ARTZ programs have been successfully sponsored and initiated in communities here and abroad. Many are ongoing independently of the Foundation that inspired them. In the early years, with Foundation involvement, each new program and activity was evaluated and scientifically assessed [link to 3rd ‘area of focus’: Feedback & Measurement] to generate evidence of their effectiveness and success in inspiring those with dementia symptoms and their caregivers to stay in touch with -- and take enjoyment from -- the world around them.

ARTZ programs include the following: 

Meet Me at the Movies

Meet Me at the Movies & Make Memories utilizes iconic film clips and group discussion to bring about reminiscence and self-expression. This program demonstrates how film can be a form of treatment for some of the symptoms associated with dementia. Cinema has an amazing power to connect us with our deep-rooted emotional memories - the kind that never leave us.

Meet Me at the Museum

ARTZ designed and facilitated weekly museum experiences at approximately twenty museums in the U.S. Each museum partner has a unique collection that offers novel ways of tapping into the emotional memories of participants, Museums in the US and Europe are continuing the program and applying I’m Still Here principles. 

ARTZ & Science

Through research and direct observation, ARTZ has established that art experiences can significantly reduce certain psycho-behavioral symptoms associated with Alzheimer's. Working within the scientific community, we seek to find new ways to look at Alzheimer's and find common sense solutions that enhance lives.

ARTZ Cultural Events

ARTZ inspired many community-based programs, including: Meet Me at the Movies (Tribeca Film Institute & Coolidge Corner Theatre); Meet Me at the Museum (Museum of Modern Art, NYC); Alzheimer's Poetry Day (Bowery Poetry Club); and Vaudeville Caravan (Big Apple Circus).  

Artists in Residence

ARTZ has invited artists working in all mediums to develop original projects that give voice both to the visiting artist and the participants.