Our History

Since 1996, the Foundation’s Core Programs have served thousands of persons with dementia (PLWD) through its established museum, movies, and community programs, and more through the adoption of its programs nationally and internationally.

  • The Foundation is well known for its influential Artists for Alzheimer’s (ARTZ) program. ARTZ focuses on developing programs that provide opportunities for PLWD to engage with visual arts in museums, films in movie theatres, and cultural events throughout the community.
  • The Foundation’s Meet Me at the Museum program, established initially at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, has been adopted by museums world-wide since its inception in 2001. The parallel Meet Me at the Movies program, established in Boston years later, has been adopted by organizations in Seattle as well as Paris (France) to name a few.
  • A more recent Foundation program, piloted originally near Boston in Brookline, it is the basis for a vibrant monthly and weekly citywide program for PLWD in Seattle, called Momentia. Every week, a community venue, such as a bookshop, museum, or theatre, hosts an ITAV event in which volunteers and staff members plan and facilitate programs aimed to meaningfully engage PLWD and their caregivers.

The publication in 2009 of I’m Still Here: a New Philosophy of Alzheimer’s Care by Dr. John Zeisel established this paradigm-shifting approach as a major change in how dementia is viewed and treated. Several of the programs the Foundation developed are described in the book, which also establishes the scientific and practical basis for the nonpharmacological approach. The broad reach of the book - with sales in the tens of thousands – is convincing evidence of the power of this approach