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Comfortably seated before a large photograph of Sitting Bull in the Peabody's Wiyohpiyata: Lakota Images of the Contested West exhibition, the group's discussion is lively...

Violinist Karen Cueva, ARTZ Volunteer

Violinist Karen Cueva is in her first year of Masters training at The Juilliard School, where she also graduated in May of 2013...

Ideas, emotions, humor and reminisces spread up and down the massive corridors and through the...


The I'm Still Here Foundation

Founded in 1995, the I'm Still Here Foundation's (ISHF) mission is to develop and evaluate innovative non-pharmacological approaches to Alzheimer’s and related dementia. For the last decade ISHF has focused on creating and implementing inclusive, community-based arts and culture programming.

The ISHF has four areas of focus:

ARTZ: Artists for Alzheimer's

Creating inclusive programming throughout the world

It Takes a Village

A collaboration with art, culture, business and civic organizations

Research Division

The Foundation collects and analyzes data from each of its programs

Public Narrative

Promoting culture change via education and public policy